I’ve enjoyed every minute of working with Matt and would have no hesitation recommending him. He’s a passionate, skilled, collaborative director who really cares about the product. Matt’s enthusiasm for his work is infectious, which makes the entire shooting process a joy.
Michelle Walsh | Creative Director | Leo Burnett

I have been in this business a very long time, and have made over a thousand TV commercials with hundreds of directors. Some good scripts some not so good. The 2 favourites I made with Matthew were by far the craziest. Like Trump crazy but more entertaining. I thought they’d just be good but Matt made them great. When all other directors fade in my memory, I’ll always remember Matt.
Rocky Ranallo | CD | WeCouldDoThat

Whilst I thought his performance in Fool’s Gold was solid, I much preferred him in Tropic Thunder. Oh, wait… Working with Matthew feels like a genuine creative partnership… He brings genuine likability to what he creates, will push your thinking right to the sweet spot and never looses sight of the fact that there’s a client with a brand/product/service at the other end. Basically, he makes you look good. Now where’s my Tivo…
Jim Ingram | Founder and Chief Creative Tinker | Thinkerbell

Working with Matt has been a privilege, a learning experience and always thoroughly enjoyable. The Sportsbet team have always valued his collaboration, passion, consideration, and respect through all parts of our extensive campaigns. Matt works extremely hard to understand the customer insight and the ideas, and then skilfully takes them to another new level with his executions. Making stuff should be fun, and it always is with Matt!
Rambo Goraya | Sportsbet

Matthew McCaughey is an award-winning director who has been entertaining the general populous for the last 20 years.

Matthew has directed around the globe, in numerous languages and genres. From music videos for punk bands in tiny pubs, to multiple country shoots for multinationals, Matthew can take on the big and the small.

His work has scale and humour, intimacy and elegance. If it’s characters you want to create, then Matthew is your guy.

Nuanced performance direction, problem-solving and a deep knowledge of all stages of production give Matthew the confidence to realize his vision.

Life’s too short to be boring.

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Matthew McCaughey

+61 419 364 264